ISPR Bylaws March 22, 2012

Mission Statement

Illinois Staff Physician Recruiters (ISPR) is dedicated to the development of recruitment and retention of health care professionals in Illinois.  ISPR members will seek to enhance professionalism, and maintain a selective, knowledgeable approach to the recruitment, retention, and acquisition of physicians and allied health care providers.  This will include networking and educational development.


Article 1. Name

The name of this organization shall be Illinois Staff Physician Recruiters also known as ISPR.

Article 2. Membership

Membership shall be open to individuals who are directly involved in and have primary responsibility for the in-house recruitment, retention, or acquisition of physicians and/or other medical staff, and who are employed by a hospital, hospital system, clinic, medical group practice, or not-for-profit health care association. Members can live and work outside of Illinois if they actively recruit for a facility located within the state of Illinois.

The membership chair shall recruit and recommend individuals for membership based on the criteria above.  An invitation shall be extended to a recruit to attend one meeting of the ISPR associations.  The membership chair shall keep an accurate listing of members and post the list on the ISPR web page and distribute this list to the members annually.

Article 3.  Purpose

ISPR is a team of individuals, dedicated to the personal and professional development of its members.  ISPR is committed to providing its members opportunities to grow and enhance both personal and professional development through educational meetings, forums that encourage the flow of communication and exchange of ideas, and access to informational resources.  ISPR is committed as well to educating physicians and health care professionals as to the value of in-house recruitment.

Article 4. Meeting Schedule and Agenda

Meetings of the entire membership will occur on a quarterly basis.  Those meetings shall be held in the months of January, April, July, and September.  A one-month notice shall be given to the membership with the meeting date.  The member who is hosting the quarterly meeting may be reimbursed $8.00 per person for the luncheon expense.

Each meeting shall include but not be limited to the following:

a) Networking between members.

b) Education from inside or external speaker as the agenda permits.

c) Reports from officers and committees.

i) A treasury report and minutes from the previous meeting will be distributed at each meeting.

ii) All reports that require membership action shall be sent to members one (1) month prior for review.

Article 5. Dues

Individual membership dues are $100 annually. Invoices will be emailed each year during the month of January.  Consideration will be given to those with special circumstances.  Members who join in the last quarter of the year shall pay the full fee; this will also be considered payment for the following year. If payment for membership dues has not been received by March, a letter will be sent asking for payment.  If payment has not been received by May 1, the membership will be canceled. No dues shall be refunded.

Article 6. Expenditures

All expenditures outside of the annual budget require the approval of the Executive Committee.  Expenditures in excess of $500 must be placed on the meeting agenda and approved by majority of voting members.

Article 7. Election of Executive Committee Officers

Members will elect a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer by majority vote. Officers will be elected at the meeting in September, based on a slate of nominations collected from the membership one month prior to the election. A ballot will be distributed at the meeting for purposes of election.  The President, Vice President, and Secretary will serve a one (1) year term, the Treasurer will serve a two (2) year term, and the President will serve as an ex officio member of the executive committee for one year following term of presidency.  No elected officer shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same position.

An annual stipend will be given to each member of the Executive Board at the end of the year served. The amount will be determined by the President and Treasurer.

President:  Shall be responsible for providing educational speakers for the quarterly meetings, setting agenda, and distributing to membership prior to the meetings.  Shall coordinate the meeting announcement with the member of the hosting facility.  Shall preside over the meetings of the membership and executive committee.  Shall assist in planning and implementation of educational programs for organization and appoint other committees as necessary.

Vice President:Shall assume duties of the President in the event of absence.  Shall chair (or co-chair) the annual conference.

Secretary:Shall keep minutes of meetings and provide copy of minutes to the membership. Shall post minutes and educational presentations to website on a quarterly basis.

Treasurer: Shall be responsible for managing the funds and debts of organization.  Shall preside over the Finance Committee and prepare & submit treasurer’s report for quarterly meetings.

President Ex Officio: Shall provide guidance and support to the serving President for one year following term as President.

Membership Chair: Shall be appointed by the President. Shall recruit and recommend individuals for membership. Shall be responsible for on-boarding new members. Shall keep an accurate list of membership and post it to the ISPR website.

Article 8. Committees

Conference & Education: Chaired by the Vice President, the conference committee shall be responsible for the annual Midwest Recruiters Conference and Job Fair.  A budget of all expenses and revenues shall be prepared and submitted to the finance committee at the beginning of the new fiscal year.   If funds allow, $10,000 will be carried over to the conference budget by ISPR.

Finance: Chaired by the Treasurer, this committee shall include the executive committee as well as 1 other member.  Responsibilities include preparing of ISPR budget for fiscal year.  Budget shall be brought before the membership at the April quarterly meeting for approval. The fiscal year for Illinois Staff Physician Recruiters is January 1 through December 31.

Marketing: Chairperson shall be appointed by President and will be responsible for promoting ISPR, including but not limited to the annual conference and job fair and website, to existing and potential members, and physicians.

Website: Chairperson shall be appointed by President and will be responsible for updating, maintaining, and developing the ISPR website.

Other Committees: As assigned, other committees may form for special projects and will report to the President.  Volunteers for these committees will be recruited as needed.

Article 9. Amendments

The Bylaws of this organization may be amended, when deemed necessary, by a majority vote of membership.  Proposed amendments will be provided to all members for input and voting opportunity.


Bylaws amended: March 22, 2012

Bylaws approved and accepted : July 18, 2002

Mission Statement approved and accepted : July 18, 2002

Bylaws amended, approved, and accepted : April 15, 2004

Bylaws amended, approved, and accepted: September 9, 2004